W-HA: a major player in payment solutions

A 100% Orange subsidiary, W-HA was created in 2000 to support the promotion of services and content made available by publishers on fixed and mobile internet.

Today, we have become an essential specialist in the payments industry with dual technical and regulatory expertise.

W-HA provides professionals with its own turnkey solutions for electronic money (API-money) and collection by bank card (Contodeo). In addition, we implement comprehensive payment targets for large accounts.

100% subsidiary of the Orange group

ACPR - Etablissement de monnaie electronique

Licence of Electronic
Money Institution

European passport in more than 30 countries

GIE CB - Adherent Visa/Mastercard

Member of GIE CB
& Visa/MasterCard

Certification SEPA


Certification PCI-DSS


Our innovative payment solutions

Thanks to our innovative payment solutions, W-HA offers you multiple payment methods that will adapt to your needs and support you in setting up end-to-end solutions.

Electronic banking

W-HA adapts to your needs by offering you credit card collection solutions for online payment (ecommerce, B2B platforms) and for local payment (retailers, itinerant shops).
W-HA also offers you a “dry” electronic payment contract allowing you to build tailor-made offers with a varied range of payment terminals (mPOS or classic).

Electronic money

Monnaie électroniqueW-HA offers you a collection solution to power your service platforms through the management of electronic money accounts. Our solution is an all-in-one offering to help you manage payments and collections between your users. You will thus be able to integrate your payment flows within your platform while guaranteeing full compliance with new regulations in terms of data protection and payments.

Premium on bill

To respond to changing consumption patterns, W-HA has developed a range of simple, secure and multi-screen payment solutions for the purchase of physical and digital goods. 100% digital payment solutions for all French and foreign operators and adapted to new consumer practices.


W-HA offers, thanks to its prepaid management platform, the management of recharges, according to different formulas (from the physical ticket to the dematerialized code) and according to different distribution methods (physical point of sale or online recharging site) and the control of the use, in real time and in a secure way in order to eliminate any fraud.

Our turnkey solutions

W-HA also offers 2 turnkey payment solutions to allow you to quickly and easily integrate payment methods adapted to your customers.


Collection offer on behalf of third parties via electronic money account

Online and mobile bank card collection offer

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