ACPR - Etablissement de monnaie electronique

Licence of Electronic

Money Institution

GIE CB - Adherent Visa/Mastercard

Member of GIE CB

& Visa/MasterCard

Certification PCI-DSS

Complies with the highest

PCI-DSS security standards

Certification SEPA

SEPA certification

(Single Euro Payments Area)

Our innovative payment solutions

Electronic money

Electronic banking

Premium on bill


They trust us

We are satisfied because we are guaranteed to be paid and from a technical point of view we have a unique entry point.

Guillaume Gestin


W-HA brought us its expertise and knowledge of the electronic payment market that we did not know as an operator.

Yannick Maquignon


Let’s study your projects together!

Would you like to set up a payment solution, monetize your products or even be able to cash your customers?

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25 bis avenue André Morizet

92100 Boulogne-Billancourt – France


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