Technical services

An agile development capability:
» mastering open and collaborative technologies

An available platform:
» 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

A very high level of security:
» PCI / DSS certification to manage sensitive banking data

Customer services

A customer service attentive and responsive
» self-care tools
» dedicated contacts

A support service in the upstream phase of projects
» advisory services
» project management
» deployment help tools

Management services

Experienced back office service
» control panel dedicated to KYA / KYC controls
» custom multi-commissioning solution
» automated custom dashboard production

A mastery of financial flows and accounting documents
» mass production and dispatch of financial and accounting documents
» tray dedicated to the management of remittances
» differentiated refund management

A payment guarantee
» surrender of funds

Bank compliance services

Strict compliance management
» KYC real-time and delayed time
» LAB-FT scan (black-lists and PPE)
» internal control

Customized and efficient management of agents
» KYA unit and mass (via wholesalers)
» Signing of mandates
» Training of agents

A sharp transaction monitoring system
» Alerting and LAB-FT investigation
» Anti-fraud prevention

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