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To meet changing consumption patterns, W-HA has developed a range of simple, secure and multi-screen payment solutions for the purchase of physical and digital goods.

100% digital payment solutions

» to all French and foreign operators
» adapted to new consumer uses: speed, mobility (anywhere, anytime)
» improving the conversion rate of the basket

W-HA proposes all these services under the “operator” exemption (Articles L311-4, L521-3-1 and L521-5-1 of the Monetary and Financial Code), but also proposes these same services services in a regulated model, as an Electronic Currency Establishment, to manage services that would not be able to satisfy the legal ceilings imposed on payments

You are a fixed or mobile telecommunications operator
» W-HA manages a payment management platform that allows your customers to pay through your invoices

» W-HA is responsible for managing the technical interconnection relationship of service providers or online content with this platform, enabling these publishers to manage the pricing of their services and customer service online and their business

» W-HA securely manages the authentication of your customers wishing to pay these publishers

» W-HA calculates your commissions and ensures the corresponding turnover

You are a publisher of an online service or content
» W-HA is in charge of managing your technical interconnection relationship with multi-operator payment solutions: Internet +, SMS +, Mobile parking via SMS, Donations via SMS

» W-HA provides you with interfaces allowing you to manage the price of your services and your customer service

» W-HA gives you the turnover

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