Our customers testify

Frederic Gibourdel


Partnering up with an Orange subsidiary should allow us to further improve the quality of service and allow us to imagine very promising new services for all types of French audiences.

Guillaume Gestin


We are satisfied because we are guaranteed to be paid and from a technical point of view we have a single point of entry.

Christian Bottemine


W-HA’s alliance with our acceptance platform creates turnkey solutions for W-HA customers.

Yannick Maquignon


W-HA brought us its expertise and knowledge of the electronic payments market that we did not know as an operator.

Some partners

Orange Money is a prepaid top-up account allowing for the transfer of money from the customer’s mobile device. This new service was launched in France in February 2016 as a pilot project limited to the first 1000 subscribers. The commercial launch is expected to take place in the course of the first semester of 2016. W-HA issues the related electronic money, manages the prepaid accounts and carries out the Orange Money customers’ transactions. The latter can thus instantaneously send money to their relatives in metropolitan France or in Africa (Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal). is an online money pot that provides users with ease of use, support, increased visibility of public jackpots and help with event planning. W-HA mandates as a payment service provider agent and provides the API-money service which allows to manage in real time transactions between users in compliance with banking regulations (customer knowledge, fight AML).

UBALDI is a french retailer specialised in household appliances and High-Tech. W-HA’s mPOS solution enables transformation of sales staff’s tablets into payment terminals. UBALDI and W-HA have worked together for integrating acceptance of card payments into the sales processing tools. As a result, UBALDI has reduced its costs (terminal rentals, bank commissions) and increased its conversion rate inasmuch as customer journey is drived by a salesperson from the entrance to the exit including payment processing.

W-HA currently equips around 30 ICF Habitat caretakers and employees on 8 ICF Atlantique residences and 4 ICF Habitat service agencies with 16 SPM2 TPEs connected to the mobile application specifically produced for ICF by the W-HA teams. During this experiment, the guards and employees will be able, since their mobile application, to scan the barcode appearing on the rent receipts so as to immediately proceed to its cashing. This innovative new method of payment proposed by ICF should reduce the rate of unpaid and facilitate payment for tenants.

The viewers of the TF1 channel who vote or participate in contests during interactive TV shows are charged either through their prepaid accounts or through their internet operator’s bill. To that end, W-HA has set up innovative payment solutions allowing the viewers to interact and pay directly using their remote control. It is possible to take part in these TV shows via any available screens: TV, touchpads, PC, smartphone.

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